Terms and Conditions ♥

Ordering Information (Minimum purchase of at least 2 items from 2nd Feb onwards) 
1. For any enquiries, please direct them to thglitz@gmail.com or feel free to ask them in formspring.
2. If there are no enquiries, send in your order form and wait for an invoice.
3. An invoice would be issued to the buyer within 48 hours or less.
4. Please make payment within 3 days after invoice is sent. Applicable when mode of payment is Bank Transfer/Ibanking. *
*Please transfer to POSB SAVINGS 112-60396-4 for Bank transfer/Ibanking
5. For payment through Bank Transfer/Ibanking, take a snapshop of the receipt and send it to thglitz@gmail.com / send the reference number to me.

1.Buyers can collect their items through meet up (ONLY Simei MRT) or through normal/registered postage.
2. For normal mail, a flat rate of $1 is collected for 3 pieces of accessories. Subsequent $0.50 would be collected for every 3 pieces. *If order contains many bulky items, rates will differ accordingly.
3. As for registered postage, please top up additional $3.05 on top of normal postage fee.
4.Registered postage is strongly encouraged as normal postage cannot be tracked. We would not be liable for any lost mails. There will not be any refunds in any case where normal mails are lost.


1.In cases where colour are not true to picture, please allow some room of colour discrepancy as different computers have different colour resolutions.
2. In any case that there is a defected product, you're only allowed to exchange by Meet up or Postage (buyer's costs). *Exchanges made within 7 days
3. Th Glitz reserves all rights to reject customers/transactions at our own discretion.

By purchasing from us, you are deemed to have agreed to the above Terms and Conditions.

Enjoy shopping, babes! :)